Gimeg Gas Cartouche 190 grams

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Gimeg Gas Cartouche 190 grams
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Gimeg gas cartouche 190 grams for Cosiscoop

With this gas cartouche 190 grams you can easily and safely use one of the many Cosicoop models of Cosi Fires. With a Cosi fires Cosiscoop gas lantern you can create an atmospheric light in the garden or on the terrace.

The gas lantern works very easily on a 190 gram gas shower and will burn for about 5 to 6 hours. The gas shower can be easily turned at the bottom of the lantern. Then open the control knob and light the lantern by means of a long lighter. Conviviality guaranteed!

Manual gas cartridge 190 grams

1. Turn the bottom out of the Cosicoop. Then place the 190 gram gas cartridge upright in the bottom ring.
2. Turn the bottom ring including the gas cartridge clockwise in the Cosicoop until you hear a small "click".
3. Make sure the Cosicoop stands upright on a stable, non-flammable surface.
4. Ignite the lighter while holding it close to the focal point and then turn the control knob. The Cosicoop will now light                                                       
5. Enjoy the atmospheric Cosicoop!
6. Turn the knob all the way to the right if you want to extinguish the Cosicoop and store it in a well-ventilated room.

The gas cartouche 190 grams in short:

- Simple and safe to use                                                     
- Atmospheric light in the garden or on the terrace
- With safety valve
- Height of the flame is adjustable
- Suitable for outdoor use only
- Suitable for all Cosiscope models


Cosi fires

Cosi Fires

Cosi Fires is a new contemporary brand that has a whole collection of trendy designed outdoor experience products on the market. There is now a complete program of Cosi Fires working on gas. Specially designed to create a Hotspot feeling in your own garden, on the roof terrace or the balcony.

Cosi Fires is a brand name of the Gimeg Group. Gimeg has been an important player in the gas and heating sector for more than 100 years. Years of knowledge and experience in the gas and atmospheric fire industry come together in the designs of Cosi Fires. All gas fires have been tested by KIWA/Gastec.

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Brand Cosi
Model Gimeg gas cartouche 190 grams
Article number 5631700
Weight 1 kg
Shape Round
Fuel Butane gas
Number of fire hours With one 190 gram gas cartouche the lantern will burn for about 5-6 hours
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