With Garland products you can leave your firebasket or garden fire outside without any worries. The protective covers will protect your fire basket or garden fireplace perfectly against outside influences. Damages by wind, rain or sun are past tense! In this way you can continue to enjoy your firebasket or garden fire, time after time, and its life will be extended by years. Your Garland protects!

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Protective covers for your atmosphere maker

Maintaining your mood enhancer contributes to the life of your product. That is why it is important to maintain it with care. Cleaning the materials is the first step. In addition, protection from external influences is important to prevent rust, damage and ageing. Purchasing a protective cover for the product is therefore not a bad idea. The protective covers are available in both size and universally and are a must have for your outdoor product.

Various protective covers for the models

You will find more than 100 protective covers in our range. These can be placed on specific models as well as universal covers that can protect various models. The covers are often very easy to use. For example, the protection covers have a zipper that opens the cover almost completely. In this way the cover can easily be placed over the fireplace or barbecue. The custom-made covers are an even better protection. They fit the product perfectly and will protect it as much as possible against wind and rain but also against sun and sand. All protection covers can be found on the category page of protection covers.

Not only garden fireplaces and barbecues need to be protected, you can also find protection covers for fire tables, lounge sets, parasols and various other items of garden furniture in our webshop. Our range is very diverse. You will find a protective cover for each product.

Accessories for protective covers

The extras for the protective covers are very useful for protecting the products.
Think of the safety clips that hold the protective covers even tighter over the products. A hook bungee or a ball bungee are also very handy. These attributes ensure that the protective covers remain on the fireplaces or barbecues even better and that they will not blow off quickly in strong winds.

Questions about the protective covers? Call us or send us an e-mail.

Do you have any questions about the protective covers or other products on Call or mail our customer service. If you already have a nice product from us and you want to keep it well protected, order a protection cover for your outdoor product through the webshop now.

Also take a look at the webpage on base plates. These are there to make it as easy as possible for you to keep your product clean. Another product that you could use when maintaining your garden fireplace.