Custom-made articles


How does it work?

You are welcome to visit us and discuss your designs / ideas with us, but you can also make your wishes known by e-mail. Based on your wishes, we continue to make digital design. After your approval of the design we make an offer for the desired reductions. We may, if you wish, think about the design and material selection.

If the offer is approved by you, a sample will be created, if desired. This sample will always be shown to you before production and can be modified before production starts. If changes need to be made, the factory will be informed and a sample will be made again. After approval of the sample, production will be finalized.

Are you interested in a unique, self-designed and / or personalized article?

Please mail us your wishes, a description of the article, the desired number and the desired delivery date. You will receive an attractive offer as soon as possible! And if you'd like to contact us by phone, call us at +31-13-5451966.


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