Track & Trace

Track your order with a Track & Trace code

You can find the status of your order in your account. Our orders are delivered by DHL Express. If a package won’t fit through the letterbox due to its size or is a high-value item, it’s sent as parcel post. In that case, you can usually find a 3S-number in the order status of your order. With this number you can follow the shipping process of your package on the DHL website ( Packages are generally delivered later in the day than the ordinary post.

My Track & Trace code doesn't work

The Track & Trace code of the DHL Package service that we provide, starts working as soon as your order is processed and scanned at the carrier’s depot. That is often done during the night, so it’s possible that your code will be activated in the course of the night. If your Track & Trace code still doesn't work the next day, please contact