To test the overall customer satisfaction we will send our customers a friendly request to place a review 8 days after purchase. Beyond the fact that this information might improve our own business operations regarding our customer service, it is a pleasant way for future customers to consider the experiences of other customers when making their choice for a specific product. These experiences are very valuable.

We ask you to to assess three aspects:

1 The price

2. General quality

3 User friendliness

We have kept the rating as simple as possible. With one click you can find the purchased article and add your review on the basis of a number of stars (1 to 5). Whether you give an additional explanation is entirely up to you, but it is much appreciated!

Giving a review is a friendly request and certainly no obligation. However, you help other consumers and get the chance to win the €50 shop credit that we give away every month to one reviewer. As a thank you for your cooperation!