Eurom PD2100 XXL Standing Patio Heater

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Eurom PD2100 XXL standing halogen patio heater
Eurom PD2100 XXL Standing Patio Heater
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Brand Eurom
Model Eurom 2100 PD XXL standing patio heater
Article number 33.357.2
Color Silver
Dimensions H 225 cm / voet Ø 45.5 / kap Ø 59
Weight 13,3 kg
Included 180 cm cable
Capacity 1200, 900, 2100 Watt (adjustable)
Type of terrace heater Standing terrace heater
Voltage 220-240V/50Hz
Protection class IPX4
Number of fire hours Approximately 3000 hours
Protection Fall-over protection
Consumption costs € 0.41 - € 0.80 per hour
Housing Stainless steel
Maximum power 1.801 - 2.400 watt
Heating range 16 - 20 m²

Eurom PD2100 XXL Standing Patio Heater 2100 (halogen)

With this Eurom PD2100 XXL standing patio heater you will have a pleasant warmth on your patio within seconds! With this powerful patio heater, you can sit outside until late in the evening.

Adjust the temperature yourself at 900, 1200 or 2100 Watts

The PD2100 XXL is adjustable in height between 160 cm and up to 225 cm has three different heat settings: 900W, 1200W and 2100W. You can easily decide for yourself how much heat is needed to keep sitting in your garden.

The PD 2100 is equipped with two powerful halogen heating elements which can be used separately or together. The patio heater has two control switches. By pressing the left switch, the smaller, lowest lamp lights up and spreads a heat of 900 Watts. When you turn on the right switch, the larger, top lamp lights up and spreads a heat of 1200 Watts. When both switches are used, the heater works at full power of 2100 Watt and can heat a surface of up to 17 square metres.

The PD2100 XXL is equipped with two powerful halogen lamps

Because the patio heater is equipped with halogen lamps, it is an excellent choice for an open patio or roof. This heater provides radiation heat, which makes the heater an excellent choice for use on a patio or other location that is subject to wind. The heating elements have a lifespan of approximately 3000 hours.

Comfort and convenience with the Eurom PD2100 patio heater

The foot of the terrace heater is weighted down making it very sturdy. The housing of the heater itself is made of strong metal and therefore very durable. The heater features fall-over protection and the IPX4 certification ensures high resistance to water and dust. This allows you to use the heater both indoors and outdoors. Should the patio heater, despite all the security measures, still fall over, it will switch off on its own thanks to the fall-over protection.

To sum it up; With the Eurom PD 2100 standing patio heater you’ll easily create comfortable temperature on your patio. The PD 2100 is extremely easy to assemble, can be moved effortlessly and can be connected in no time. You only need an outlet!

The Eurom TH 2100R patio heater in short:

- Stylish, standing patio heater                                                                                    
- Adjustable in height (max 225 cm)
- Approximately 3000 hours
- Two halogen heating elements
- Adjustable power: 900, 1200 and 2100 Watt
- Maximum range up to 17 square metres
- Fall-over protection
- Similar to the heat of the sun


Logo Eurom

Euromac is a dynamic Dutch company that has been importing and developing patio heaters since 1974. A Eurom patio heater is characterized as strong, reliable and powerful. Whether you are looking for a lounge heater, a gas heater, a wall or ceiling heater, with a Eurom patio heater you get quality in the house.

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4 Reviews
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Rudy Kersemans
5 out of 5
Prima product. Geeft snel warmte en mooi licht.
Goed ingepakt en snel geleverd.
Instelbaar in de hoogte.
Veilig. (schakelt automatisch uit als de hellingshoek te groot is);
De assemblage is goed te doen.

5 out of 5
Prima terrasverwarmer. Bij de installatie kwam de verbindingsdraad in de buis wel los bij verplaatsing, maar dit was.snel terug verholpen. Is meteen warm en straalt een mooie gloed uit.
Leonie de Haan
4.5 out of 5
De terrasheater is snel en keurig geleverd met duidelijke handleiding en is in 15 minuten in elkaar gezet. Juist de flexibel in te stellen hoogte is een pre; of je staat of zit, er wordt voldoende warmte afgegeven tijdens een wat koudere avond!
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