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Aesthetic and unique fire basket

JOKJOR stands for aesthetic outdoor products that will be an eye-catcher in any garden. With their well thought-out and unique designs, the brand stands out from the crowd. In addition, the brand focuses on detail and thus creates unique designs and products. So you can enjoy your mood enhancer time and time again.


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JokJor design fire basket 

The JokJor fire basket Flint is a very special fire basket in the assortment of The fire basket is made of Corten steel and has a special design. Corten steel is known as waterproof steel and is therefore suitable to be outside for years. Because of the strong material you can enjoy the Flint fire basket and its dancing flames for a long time.

The design of the Flint fire basket

The design of the fire basket is very special. The basket has an open design which consists of slices of steel with a fair amount of space in between. Because of this design you can easily light the fire and keep it lit. Because you can see the fire well, it is easy to control and you will enjoy the heat from the basket optimally.

Not only are the flames visible in a special way, but the light emitted by the flames comes out of the basket in a cool way thanks to the design. The flames and the light are clearly visible and the basket will therefore emit much light and a beautiful pattern of stripes on the ground visible.


Fire baskets of

In the assortment of you will find many special fire pits. The designs are all unique and have their own charms. Apart from the various designs there are also many firebaskets that can be used as a barbecue. The BonVes of BonFeu is a good example of a classic fire basket on which you can place a grill grid or plancha baking plate and thus easily grill a piece of meat or fish.  

But also the Drumgrill fire pit & BBQ is a very different kind of fire basket in our assortment. This refurbished oil drum can be used as a fire basket and as a grill/barbecue. There is a fire basket for every garden, every style and every occasion and they are all perfect for creating a nice atmosphere. 

Order your firebasket today before 5pm and we will ship your package the same day! With the faster delivery you can soon enjoy your firebasket and start a delicious fire.